Hi there, my name is Alitzel, creator of the Joyful Life Blog.

I’m a Mexican expat living in Budapest.

My mission is to help women find their authentic voice and share it online.

I believe that authenticity is the way to stand out and grow an online business.




I knew that I want to spend my days doing what I am passionate about but I was not clear how. I discovered my life purpose in the first session and we worked on it for 3 more sessions, we set clear goals, we talked about our fears and I learned that just by changing my daily habits I could achieve my purpose.

The phrase that I take from this experience is “Replace bad habits with the ones that fulfill your soul“. I recommend this program to all people who want to start to exploit their talents and follow their purpose, Ali is a person with a lot of energy, charismatic, and who makes you feel in a safe space to share your craziest ideas.

Being part of your program was eye-opening for me. I was always full of ideas, but during the sessions, I realized I was lacking structure and a clear life purpose. I loved the meditation part at the beginning of each meeting, it helped me to get focused after a busy day.

Your personal examples made the tasks clear and the exercises helped to dig deeper and build up a plan that can actually be followed. Now I feel I am way closer to understanding what my purpose could be and that I need to start implementing the little steps that can take me there.

Ali inspired me to start my own business and to make my ideas happen (I was procrastinating) but she was the push I needed! Her personal experience has helped me a lot as well!!😌✨

After working with Ali I aligned my desires, my skills, and my present. It was like reconnecting everything I was keeping inside in a big picture. The workshop was an hour only, but… What an hour! She delivered all the information clearly and all the explanation was easy to follow.